About Our Worship Services


Everyone is welcome to worship with us! This section is designed for the first time guests, and especially for the guest who may not be familiar with Lutheran worship services. Following is general information about what you can expect, as well as a brief overview of our services.

Before You Come

  • There is no particular dress code; wear what makes you comfortable. Many people wear “business casual” dress. You do not need to bring a Bible, but of course you can if you wish. The Bible lessons for the day will be printed out on sheets of paper for you. It is a good idea to arrive about ten minutes before the service starting time. The 9:30 AM service especially can get a little crowded. Services last about an hour. Our coffee cart in the courtyard is a good place to grab a cup of coffee before or after the service.

As You Enter

    • The 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM services are usually held in the building with the peaked roof and tall cross. This building is the second largest and is on the east side of the property (right next to the Lake Murray Blvd. parking lot). The other buildings are the Community Center (where Sunday School and other events are held) and the office/preschool building. The 9:30 AM service is currently held in the Community Center.
    • When you enter the building, you will be in a small lobby area called the narthex. This is where you will receive your worship program (bulletin) and whatever else is needed for the service.
    • Ushers will be standing at the doors of the sanctuary, the large worship area. Ushers are there to help the service run smoothly and be of assistance to you. They can help you find a seat (particularly helpful if you’re late or the sanctuary is crowded) or offer any special assistance.The ushers will give you a program (called a bulletin), a nametag and possibly a book containing the hymns(songs). The ushers should give you everything you need for the service. If not, please let one know right away.

The Service

    • The services are printed in the bulletin (the program you receive upon entering), including Bible readings, and sometimes the hymns.
    • We have communion every weekend at all services. Our communion table is open — you do not have to be a member of our congregation, or Lutheran, to receive.
    • The 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM services are more traditional, with responsive readings and more “standing up and sitting down.” For these services, you will need to follow the order of worship, which is printed in the bulletin. Often you will need a separate worship book for one or more hymns (songs).
    • The 5:00 Saturday and 9:30 AM services are more contemporary and casual. At these services, all the information you need is in the bulletin, including the songs.

St. Andrew’s likes to mix it up a bit — our liturgies and worship settings vary by week and season. Rarely are any two services on a weekend exactly alike, but you will always find Bible readings, a sermon, and communion.

Items of Interest

      • Child care and a nursery are available for most services.
      • Headsets are available for the hearing impaired
      • AED location
      • Prayer request forms and request for contact are included with bulletins at each service
      • Communion can be given at your seat if you are unable to make it to the altar

To learn more about some of our various worship settings and liturgies click here.