Church History


St. Andrew’s was formally organized in April 1960 by Pastor Magnus Egge. The first worship service was on Palm Sunday, April 10, 1960, in a home at 8466 Lake Ben Avenue. Remarkably, Sunday School attendance for the day was 34 and worship attendance was 76! On November 13, 1960, the church dedicated the new worship center on the corner of Lake Murray Boulevard and Jackson Drive.

Each pastor who graced St. Andrew’s served a tenure of eight years. In 1968, Pastor David Quarberg replaced Pastor Egge. Pastor David served the congregation until 1975; his term was affectionately dubbed “St. Andrew’s passage from childhood to adolescence—from dependency to asserting independence.”

Pastor Russ Mueller arrived in 1976 and served for eight and a half years. He was St. Andrew’s enabler, counselor and teacher, challenging the congregation to become more active in the greater Lutheran community.

In July 1979, St. Andrew’s called Pastor Duane Larson to be Associate Pastor. His immediate responsibilities were in ministry to youth and education. Pastor Duane was the ”Pied Piper“ of Youth Ministry, and was a big influence on many other ministries.

Pastor Gloria Espeseth accepted St. Andrew’s call in September of 1984. She was ordained on September 24, 1984. Pastor Gloria brought new life into St. Andrew’s, overseeing many baptisms and confirmations.