GIVING OUTSIDE THE BOX – 2021 Stewardship Information

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Proposed 2021 Budget, Notes, and Information

2021 Budget Notes and Information


  • The pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty in both our expected income and expenses. Projected General Fund income is based on a percentage of our actual income through October. 
  • 2020 expenses have been reduced due to the pandemic and related operating restrictions. We expect certain expenses to remain low for the duration of the pandemic restrictions. It is not known how long into 2021 those will continue.
  • We are including the preschool in the budget for the first time. The preschool is in partnership with the congregation, and historically if there has been a financial shortfall for the preschool, the congregation has made up the difference. The council believes it is more transparent to the congregation to include the preschool information in our congregation budget.
  • Our PPP loan, which we were approved for earlier in 2020, has been submitted to the Small Business Administration for forgiveness. We expect 100% of the loan to be forgiven, however we have not received a determination yet. Once that occurs, we will be able to claim the amount as income for 2020. Until that time, we cannot include it as income.
  • Benevolences (aka money we give away to other organizations, or “charitable giving”) continues at 20% of General Fund income. This amount does not include any designated or restricted donations (given for a specific ministry or purpose)
  • Council is recommending eliminating Camp Attitude from the Benevolence List and redirecting that money to Lutheran Retreats, Camps, and Conferences (LRCC — Luther Glen Farm and El Camino Pines) and a new organization, Monie and Mo’s Food Pantry. St. Andrew’s member Monica Muldoon is one of the partners of this start-up non-profit (“Monie”) and one of our staff members is a member of the Monie and Mo’s board of directors. The organization provides food support to families in the La Mesa-Spring Valley School District. You can find more information at their website and social media links. 
  • The budget does not include any compensation increases. It does include required increases for health insurance plans.
  • Pastors have budget line items required by their Letters of Call. They are not required to spend the amounts budgeted, and in 2020 they have kept their expenses to a minimum. 
  • Mortgage is paid from a dedicated “mortgage reduction” fund. Donations to this fund (also known as Building Fund) are used for principal and interest payments. Currently our principal owed is ~$268,000