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Outreach Endowment

The Outreach Endowment Committee has a goal “to grow St. Andrew’s Outreach Endowment Fund so as to increase distributions for the betterment of the World, Community, and St. Andrew’s.”

Thanks to the ongoing generosity of the congregation and to the power of compound growth, the balance in the fund increased from $7,850.00 at its inception in 1997 to $179,799.61 at the end of 2021.

The committee has distributed money every single year since the beginning while the balance of the fund continues to grow. Thanks to God’s grace and your contributions, we use these gifts “to be disciples and to make disciples.”

If you know of a worthy cause that may benefit from an award from the fund, please invite them to complete the attached online application form.

Your St. Andrew’s Outreach Endowment Committee.